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A brief guide to Aussie roofs

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Types Of Roofs In Australia

The Land Down Under is a country that’s one of a kind, extending its land type to desert plains and vast outback ranges to dense rainforests and coastal seasides. Being an area of different types of weather conditions, the Aussie folks build their homes in various sizes, shapes and materials, covered with similarly different types of roofs all over the country.

Aussie roofs: trends

There are several styles and trend that can be noticed in Australia’s roof choices over time. The oldest type are roofs on Victorian style homes that were in vogue during Queen Victoria’s reign in the 19th century. Then comes the trend of worker’s cottage style roofs when warehouses, stores, breweries, manufacturing plants and timber yards were densely build in the suburbs. In the mid nineteenth century, Queenslander styled homes were first built. Their roofs were made from timber and tin. They represent typical Australian life—humid, hot summers and laid back living style.

After the World War II, soldiers returned home, extending families. At that time triple fronted brick veneer houses noticeably increased in number, with their gabled, tiled roofs. Finally came the modernist houses that is so very popular in suburbs. Flat or skillioned roofs, boxlike look, large glass windows and reinforced concrete frames are modernist style homes.

Shapes of Aussie roofs

There are six very common shapes that can be seen in Australia, they are discussed in brief below:

  • Hip
    Hipped roof are consisted of three or more sloped planes, all planes pitching downwards from the ridge of the roof. The number of these planes depends on the shape and size of the house.
  • Gabled
    Gabled roofs are triangular in shape, offering a spacious attic and often used in combination with hipped roofs.
  • Flat
    Flat roofs are easier to construct, safe if you need to stand on top, making it more accessible. Although they appear flat, they have a little slope for water to run off. They only problem with these roofs is that they are high maintenance because there are more chance for debris to gather on top.
  • Skillion

These kind of roofs have a visibly significant sloped shape. They are usually unattached to another roof surface. This kind of roofing can be used in modern style homes to create a unique look for more curb appeal.

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