new restored roof

Advantages of using heat reflective coating on roofs

new restored roof

Advantages of using heat reflective coating on roofs

The olden days are not here anymore when you’d go bankrupt paying for air condition in summer! Technology has cometo our rescue,
innovating new and better solutions to make daily life as easy as it gets. Heat reflective paint is such a revolution in the
paint industry. It reflects up to 80% solar radiation, adding into the insulation of your home.

Here are some advantages of using heat reflective coating on your roof:

Comfortable interior atmosphere

Heat reflective coatings can redirect sunlight back into the atmosphere, considerably reducing the amount of heat transferred to the
interior of the house, making the indoor atmosphere cooler and more comfortable. This also influences humidity retention inside your
home, improving air quality and decreasing the risk of mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew causes allergies and other health problems, so if you use heat reflective coating; it’ll save your health insurance money in the long run.

Less utility bills

The more you use the air conditioner the more electricity bills you have to pay. Not to say the amount spikes up in hot summers of Australia. Reflective roof coatings help keep your house cooler, so you don’t have to pay as much for air conditioning.

Energy sustainability

Heat reflective coating radiates back sunlight to the atmosphere, reducing the amount of heat absorbed. The less heat absorbed, the cooler the environment will be. This reduces the amount of collective solar heat gain.

Lasting roof materials

Sunlight and UV rays damage roof materials, which is prevented by heat reflective coatings. So if you use a normal paint for your
roof, it would not last as long as a roof painted with heat reflective paint. Heat reflective paint also helps to control moisture, which prevents the growth of mold and lichen on the roof material. Lichen can deteriorate roof material causing leaks. So heat reflective coating reduces the risk of roof leak in the future.

If you are remodeling your roof or thinking of repainting it, need to repair a leak on your roof, call Retro Roof Restorations. We are professional and expert roof restorers serving from Byron Bay to the Sunshine Coast since 1984. When you choose us to fix your roof, be sure that your property is in the best hands.

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