fix roof tiles

What’s your roof made of?

fix roof tiles

What’s your roof made of?

Roof is the thing that’s got you covered. It’s important to choose the right kind of material to ensure the maximum protection for your home. Wondering what kind of materials we use in Australia? Here is an overview of the roofing materials that you may find handy:-

Metal roof

Metal roofs are environmentally sustainable, being made of recycled materials. Many people use metal as the roof material in Australia now a days. Metal roofs has many advantages such as sealing out water, shedding snow, surviving high winds etc. Metal is also fire resistant and do not allow mildew, insects, and rot. The only issue with metal roofs is that it rusts. Usually metal roofs last as long as the house. Since they radiate solar heat, it reduces air conditioning costs by 10-25%.

Although being environment friendly, resistant, recyclable and energy efficient; metal roofs can be noisy during rain or hailstorms, can dent or rust etc.

There are a number of types of metal roofs such as copper, aluminium, zinc, steel and alloys etc. Corrugated galvanized steel is regaining its old popularity in Australia because more and more people are deciding to go green.

Tile roof

Tile roofs are durable and comparatively beautiful than other options. They come in several sizes and shapes and are made of different types of materials. It’s a great choice for homes in dry areas, coastal areas i.e. areas with salty air and hot weather.

Tile roofs are long lasting, having a life time up to 100 years. They come in various colours and styles, giving the house owner variety of options to decorate. They are fire resistant, prevents insect, rot damage, physical impact damage and can withstand all weather conditions. Tile roofs can be made from various materials, but the most commonly used materials in Australia are terracotta and concrete tiles.

  • Terracotta tiles:
    Terracotta tiles comes in myriad finishes that gives the owner of the house many options. Terracotta tiles do not discolour, fade or crack. They are rot resistant, and unlike asphalt roofs, they do not warp. Their insulation ability is high, and they are pretty low maintenance.
  • Concrete tiles
    Similar to terracotta, concrete tiles are very durable and can be designed to mimic wooden shingles, slate and stone. They come in a variety of options too. They last over 50 years and are the best choices for coastal areas.

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