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high pressure cleaning

Cleaning Your Roof

Roof is the part of our house that we naturally forget about. The only side we of it is the interior, and it’s impossible for us to
know of any damage on the upper surface. Roofs should be inspected and restored every 10 years, otherwise they get too
damaged to be repaired, and needs replacing; which costs a lot more!

Weather can damage your roof to a greater extent such as damaging the tiles, storing debris, deteriorating the roof material
giving rise to algae and lichen growth, increasing the risk of leaks. Regular roof cleaning solves all these.

How do they do it?

Good roof repairing companies have a thorough step by step process to clean and repaint a roof. They do not only clean
the debris but
also fix any anomalies in the roofing material to prep the roof for painting. The roof cleaning process is as follows:

  • Firstly, the roof repairers inspect your roof for peeled paint, loose tiles, debris, algae and lichen growth and any
    other damages that need to be fixed.
  • After that they repair the joint of the roof tiles; change old, broken tiles and put them in place.
  • Then it’s time to clean. The cleaning is done using high pressured water that removes all the algae formation, debris and dirt
    build-up. Sometimes roof restorers use chemicals to do washing. If chemical is used, they wash it off with
    water to finish.
  • Sometimes the old paint starts to peel after the first cleaning. In that case, the repairers undergo another round of cleaning after a few days.

Roof cleaning is the first step to roof restoration. It helps kill the spores of algae and lichens so regrowth does not happen.
Removing debris ensures leaking risk reduction. New coat of paint increases the look of your house
and improves energy efficiency of your house. It makes the repainting flawless and impeccable.

If you are thinking of getting your roof cleaned, call Retro Roof Restoration for affordable, trustworthy, thorough and personalized service.

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