repair plaster ceiling

How to fix a leaky roof

repair plaster ceiling

How to fix a leaky roof

No one likes running around with pots and buckets when it starts to rain and water gets inside the house. Eventually you get tired of looking for leaks, and buckets run out. If you have a tile roof, there can be many reasons behind its damage.

Tile roofs can be leaked due to many reasons, but the main reasons are worn out waterproof membrane, buildup of debris in the roof valley, cracked and Broken tiles etc.

There are some materials and tools you will need to fix your leaky tile roof. Such as a waterproof membrane, hammer, mortar, pry bar, roof sealant, nails, wet saw etc. Here are step-by-step guide to fix a leaky tile roof:

Find out the cause of leak

Most of the times leaks are caused by improper installation, weather damage etc. Tiles can break or crack, let debris to build up under the surface, causing deterioration of the tiles leading to leaks. Inspect your roof to locate the leak. Make sure not to put too much pressure on the roof tiles when inspecting, otherwise the tiles may break if you walk on them without being cautious.

Replacing the membrane

If you have a faulty membrane, then there is no way to fix the leak except to replace the membrane. To do that you need to remove all the existing tiles, change the membrane and replace the membrane with a new one, then re-tile the roof again. DIY-ing this would be a really hectic job, so taking professional help would be a better idea.

Debris removal

The valley of the roof collects a lot of debris that causes the roof to leak. Cleaning the debris is the only way to fix the leak in this case.

Fix the cracks

Sometimes leaks are created because of cracks in the tiles. Applying sealant to the tiles can prevent leaks if this happens. Properly applying and drying of the sealant is important, so expert painters can help you if this is the repair you need.

Broken Tiles

Broken tiles or tiles with large cracks causes leaks too, and replacing them usually solves the problem. You will find out if you need replacement tiles during roof inspection. Call professional repairers because in their hands, your roof will be much safer.

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