garage door painting

Reasons you need your garage door re-sprayed

garage door painting

Reasons you need your garage door re-sprayed

Does your garage door make your home look dull and boring? Garage doors are a big part of the outlook of your home, so if yours look too dull, it takes a toll on the exterior appeal of your home.

Don’t give the neighbours a reason to point and laugh. Here are some advantages of having your garage door re-sprayed:


A new coat of paint protects your garage door from corrosion, oxidation, rust and other weather damages. It prevents the door from catching moisture, sunlight damage etc., and helping the door to last longer.

Real estate value

Re-spraying the garage door increases the curb appeal of your home by leaps and bounds. If you are thinking of selling your home, don’t forget to put a fresh coat of paint on your garage door as well as your home. It’ll spruce up the look of your house and increase its real estate value.


Need to remodel your garage? The secret tip to easily remodel your house is to repaint it. Painting protects the garage door, enhances its outward appearance and smartens your home. It will attract potential buyers, not to mention enhance the look of your street!

Low cost solution

Repainting is a much better solution than replacing. If the current garage door is too dull for you, consider re-spraying it before deciding to replace. Replacement costs a noticeably larger amount of money than re-spraying it. Look for professionals who repaints garage doors to get a beautiful, renewed look on your garage and save some money down the road.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, a freshly painted garage door is easier to clean, rather than a faded or worn of door. You will like the feeling of the renewed look and ambiance of your home. Garage doors are not high maintenance, so until the paint starts fading or wearing out you do not have to worry about them except the occasional cleaning routine!

If you are looking for reliable tradesmen to re-spray your garage door, call us at Retro Roof Restorations. In addition to repainting garage door, we also repair and restore your roof, do exterior painting and many more.

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