new roof on a house

7 reasons to go through home exterior painting

new roof on a house

7 reasons to get your homes exterior painted

The exterior of a house is just as important as the interior, so it should be maintained and cared for as much as the interior. At any sign of deterioration, you should get the outer wall surface inspected, fixed and repainted. Here are 7 reasons you should repaint your home’s exterior:

It gives your home a make-over

A paint job can be compared to a complete makeover for your house that covers the signs of stress and age caused by weather conditions. Extreme weathers can affect painting greatly, causing it to fade and peel off quicker than usual. Hot summers, freezing winters, salty humid sea breeze, frequent storms etc. are responsible for stressing the paint. A fresh coat of paint removes the chipped off, old and unkempt look of your house.

Protects building materials

Repainting the walls and trim protects the building materials from decay caused by weather conditions i. e. sunlight and snow. Fresh, good quality paint protects the wall material form moisture preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

Transforms the ambiance

Repainting can change the air of a place immediately. Imagine what would have happened if the witch houses in children’s movies were painted in bright, happy colours instead of blacks, darker blues and greys. Maybe the witch would not be in such a bad mood all the time! Colours are said to be a catalyst behind changing moods and feels of the exterior and the interior of a place. You can choose a colour scheme for your house and roof to give it a customized, beautiful look.

Real estate value

Fresh painting increases the real estate value of your home. If you are selling your home and need low cost remodelling, repainting is the best option for you. A clean and brightly painted house would look more attractive to potential buyers than a house with faded paint and mouldy walls.

Small repairs

Most house owners remain unaware of little repairs that need to be made on their house exterior. The prepping before an exterior paint job reveals the points that needs to be repaired. It is quite costly to replace things than to repair them, so house exterior painting also helps you save money in the long run.

Expiration of building materials

All building materials have an expiration date. When was you house painted last? If the painting is bubbling and peeling off, it’s certain that repainting is needed. Ignoring damages on the exterior wall compromises the lifespan of building materials.

Remodelling at a reasonable cost

Want to remodel your house but do not have a fat wallet? Not to worry. Just repaint your house and see how the magic touches of brush transforms the overall look of the place. Talk to colour consultants to choose a unique colour scheme that gives and entirely new feel to your house.

If you need a local trustworthy company to repaint your home exterior, call Retro Roof Restorations.

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