broken tile roof

Most common roof problems and solutions

broken tile roof

Most common roof problems and solutions

Roof is the part of your house that protects you, without you noticing it too much. Since most roofs are low maintenance, and there is that saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’, we barely notice it when our roof gets too damaged to be repaired and function again.

Here are some common roof problems you should be looking out for:

Faulty installation

Who did your roof? Were they amateurs or professionals? This is a pivotal question to ask when it comes to possible repair issues on your roof. You should hire an experienced, professional roof serviceman before installing or redoing your roof. Installing your roof incorrectly may give rise to damage and repair issues top your roof before it’s time.

Leaks and moisture damage

Leaks on roofs are a very common problem. If you live in an area where the weather is too hot, salty or stormy, weather damage can create leaks in your roof. Wind, sun, hailstones, rain, snow and debris are the ultimate enemy of roofs. They can get under the layers of roof, which can then catch moisture and deteriorate, causing leak, rot, mold and mildew among other problems.


Ponding refers to the polling up of rainwater in a specific spot of the roof. It can be caused by debris buildup and improper installation of gutters. Ponding creates an unnecessary load on that spot on the roof, which may cause sagging and moisture damage.  

Shrinking and blistering

If roofs are not installed properly, or not maintained in a while, it can cause shrinkage and blistering in the roofing membrane. It causes cracks in the upper layer. Blistering, ridging, splitting, and surface erosion in the tiles van lead to bigger damages to roofs.


Trees that have overhanging limbs on the roof scrapes the tile surface and deteriorate the top layer of the roof. Heavy branches can fall on the roof causing more serious damages to roofs. This is why tree branches should be trimmed regularly and any debris falling from tree onto the roof should be cleaned away.

If you have a damaged, faulty roof, or just looking to renovate your roof, we are the best at the job around Sunshine coast. Call us or visit our website for more information or to hire our service.

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