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Why should you have your roof cleaned?

gutter cleaning

Why should you have your roof cleaned?

Rain, storm, wind and hailstones causes roofs to collect debris, crack in tiles and other damages like leak and blistering. That is why roofs need to be cleaned on a regular basis. An unclean roof may give rise to moss and mould growth, causing the tiles to weaken and deteriorate.

Top reasons to regularly have your roof cleaned are:

Leak and damage prevention

Wind, hailstorms, high temperature or rain can cause leak to the roof. Weather conditions are also responsible for debris build up on roofs. These debris creates risk of leaks and cracks in tiles.


Moisture and heat trapped on your roof allows to give rise of mold and mildew on the inner side of your home, which causes allergic reactions in children, elderly and pets. So an untidy roof can harm your family’s health.

Long lasting roof

Cleaning your roof prevents the risk of damage, cracks, blistering among other repair issues; extending the roof’s life span and functionality.

Preventing algae growth

Regular roof cleaning prevents algae growth, kills the spores of mold and mildew that deteriorates roof material. Moss and algae grows fast and gets under the tiles only to create pits there that collects debris and later leads to rot and moisture damage to the roof.

Appearance of the home

A clean, smart looking roof enhances the curb appeal of your house. Roof adds to the aesthetic value of your home, and if your house is up in the real estate market, a clean roof will increase its market value. On the other hand a moss/algae/lichen covered unkempt looking roof will do just the opposite. Apart from real estate value, your home’s outlook says who you are and just by maintaining the roof regularly and keeping a clean appearance expresses your taste and class.

Energy efficiency

Clean roofs are energy efficient. Some algae retains heat which leads to heightened temperature in your home indoors. Cleaning the roof gets rid of the algae and keeps your home atmosphere cooler. This also keeps the air conditioning costs in control, saving your pocket!

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