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Brisbane Roof Painting Benefits

The Roof Painting Process Involves Several Steps

We use only high grade paints which ensure long lasting results.
Our roof restoration services include:

Roof Repairs & Replacements

• New Tiles Installation

• Painting Exterior Surfaces

• Repairing Leaks

A proper assessment of the rooftop and its condition is a viatl first step
We will then undertake the initial cleaning,  repairing or replacing damaged areas before we can start the painting stage.

Roof Cleaning Is Always Done Before We Start A Roof Restoration

This ensures that our professional team will give you the quality workmanship that we always promise.

● Cleaning: Assuming a full inspection has carried out to assess the roof’s condition, cleaning is the first of the various tasks that should be performed.
This step involves ridding the roof of dirt and debris, moss, and other growths that may have formed.
Pressure washing ensures we can quickly clean the surface.
This step is crucial to ensure a smooth and easy application of roof paint and other products.
A thorough cleaning can also help determine the presence of cracks or other problems before you begin any exterior painting.

● Repair: At this stage, cracks in the roof, broken ridges, and other problems are addressed.
Existing metal parts are scrutinized for weathering, rust, or the presence of moisture. At this stage, it is ideal to use a fungicide to strengthen the roof paint.
Touch-up forms a critical step, as it is nearly impossible to undo things once the roof paint has been applied.

 Painting: The surface is finally ready for a fresh coat of roof paint. Your consultant will advise you on your choice, but weatherproof roof paint can protect your roof and deck much longer. However, the material and condition of the rooftop will determine what type of paint is ideal.

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Why Do We Need To Paint Our Roofs?

A well-maintained roof will keep it weatherproofed and make a home look more secure.

A roof that has been neglected, is not only an unsightly feature but also a sign that your house could have problems in the future, if not already. 

Therefore, homeowners and property managers should know that roof maintenance is just as significant as any other part of a building. 

Painting the roof keeps the entire building in good condition and ensures the longevity of the structure. 

Ideally, the roof of a home should be re-painted at least every 8 years or so. 

This maintenance approach keeps the roof in perfect condition and ensures that minor issues such as leaks and rust can be easily identified and repaired at minimal cost to the owner. 

While there is no denying that roofs of both commercial and residential buildings need to be painted regularly, factors such as the type of paint, timing of painting, and solvents also affect the durability of the paint. 


Types Of Roof Paint

There are four main types of roof paint or roof coatings in Australia and we usually only use 2 of them as it is what our residential and commercial customers need.
We can best advise you depending on the type of roof and the type of exposure and weather.

The Two types of Roof Paint That We Use

Water-based Acrylic Roof Paints

It provides a  liquid waterproof roof painting solution.
Water-based acrylics are applied 5-10 times thicker than a house paint.
The coating is durable and heat reflective.
Advantages: They are highly reflective, UV resistant, cost effective, and easy to work with.
Disadvantages Acrylics will lose thickness over time. They are not suitable for roofs that can have water settle for periods
It is one of the most widely used roof coating solutions in the world. T
his paint impregnates roofs and tiles, stones, and concrete, which makes it very versatile. .

Polymeric Roof Coatings

This exterior roof paint is better for flat roofs that can have settled water 0r heavier moisture and water penetration.

Advantages: Excellent strength, high resistance to temperatures to all tempertaure ranges.
It has stretch, is chemical resistant, UV resistant, and can handle general wear and tear if the roof needs to be accessed by maintenance teams. 
Can be used on tile roofs
Disadvantages: More expensive

Advantages Of Roof Restorations

Your freshly painted roof not only looks better but it will benefit your home in a couple of different ways

Here’s what a coat of paint does for your home and your life:

● Lowers energy costs: A well-executed roof paint job can reduce energy prices.
By using heat reflective Roof paint, you’ll notice a greater degree of natural climate control.
The reduced reliance on air conditioning is always a money saving bonus

● Protects: Roof paint protects a wide range of roof types.
These include
Concrete roof tiles, terracotta tiles, and all metal roofs including colorbond roofs
The coats of roof membrane will ensure your roof is protected from water damage.

● Aesthetics: The aesthetic value of your home is bound to increase when you protect it with quality exterior roof paint and hire our experienced roof painters. With a can offer a large range of colours, you will have a roof restoration that add looks amazing and it will add value to your home

Are you ready to have a quality roof restoration done by our friendly team at Retro Roof
Call us today to see when  our experienced team can book you in for a quote.

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