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Roof Restoration Steps

Roof Restoration Brisbane Explain The Steps

“Roof Restoration” is a word used to indicate the process of cleaning, repairing and repainting a roof. 
Roof restoration is beneficial for almost all types of roofs, including Colorbond, Zincalume, galvanized iron, Decromastic, terracotta tiles and, of course, concrete tiles.

Importance of Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is one of the most neglected areas of home maintenance. Many homeowners invest in other home areas, such as landscaping and painting, but neglect to overhaul the roof. This can lead to costly consequences over time.

A roof, whether it has shingles or coloured metal, can be pretty durable. Still, due to Brisbane’s extreme weather conditions (high winds and occasional hail), parts of the roof can be damaged without us even realizing it. For example, a single damaged tile can cause water to enter your home. And if water reaches electronics or items susceptible to water damage, the consequences could be irreversible.

Eight Steps To Complete Roof Repair

Due to Brisbane’s extreme weather conditions, the exterior of your home experiences rainstorms, heatwaves, bushfires, frost and dust storms. This leads to the deterioration of your home’s roof and may require roof repair and restoration.

The Retro Roof team has developed a cost-effective roof restoration process as follows:

Step 1: Initial Roof Inspection:

The Retro Roof team will personally inspect your roof to see if any damaged areas need to be repaired or replaced.

These critical steps must be done carefully to detect flaws that aren’t readily apparent to the inexperienced eye. 

There is more than just a cracked shingle or leak that can affect your roof.

The Retro Roof Brisbane team will create a roof restoration plan and explain each restoration proposal. Then, based on your budget, you may make an informed decision.

Step 2: Repair And Replace The Damage:

Undoubtedly, repairing and replacing a roof is the most crucial step in the roof restoration process. Repairing a roof is a painstaking process, with each point of damage identified in the assessment phase being followed up on. Broken or damaged parts of the roof are replaced with matching tiles/shingles and carefully repaired. Quality is the key, as poor quality can take its revenge in water ingress or leaks.

Roof repair is arguably the most convincing argument to have your roof renovated by an expert. 
A qualified and well-trained roof expert will be able to deliver professional results and make your roof look new.
Special tools may be needed to replace shingles and metal roofing. If you want to do it yourself, find out what tools are required and get tiles or materials in the colour or type you want.

Step 3: Thorough Cleaning Of The Roof:

Modern roof restoration is designed to make your aging roof look new again. Once the roof restoration is complete, you will need to wash and rinse the top and clean the gutters.
If possible, you can use a safe pressure washer. Chemical roof cleaners are only used when necessary. You should remove moss, lichen, leaves and dirt particles accumulated on the roof over time.

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Step 4: Removing The Old:

Roof restoration by roof restoration professionals includes re-roofing and re-grouting all loose and mismatched caps, roofs and flashings.

They also replace broken and cracked tiles with matching tiles (colour, material and design).

Step 5: Cleaning And Roof Paint Preparation:

Whether renovating a tile roof or a metal roof, you should blow off the roof to remove debris and thoroughly inspect the roof in preparation for coating.

Step 6: Primer And Coatings

Coat the roof with an acrylic primer to give it a smooth appearance. This provides strong adhesion and fills porous voids in the tiles.

Step 7: Roof Membrane Over Tiles:

Use thick, water-based elastomeric coating on concrete shingles and metal roofs—maximum protection, durability, colourfastness and weather resistance. Coatings are four times thicker than paint.  

The Retro Roof team offers quality roof painting in Brisbane and all 32 colours of heat reflective coatings, driveway coatings, and house paints with a ten-year warranty. They are formulated to reflect maximum invisible infrared heat without affecting the visible colour of the tile.

Step 8: Hand Painting And Clean Up:

In the last step, hand paint all the gable ends to avoid overpainting. Finally, re-clean the roof to remove any residue. 

Benefits Offered By Roof Restoration

The roof is one of the major aspects of your home’s exterior. In harsh weather, it keeps you warm and dry. In addition, it ensures that pests such as rodents and birds cannot enter your home.

Roof Renovation Offers Many Advantages:







Using heat reflective coatings on your roof tiles protects your home from the extra radiant heat that tile roofs absorb from the sun. By using heat reflective coatings you will have a cooler home and new looking roof!

When renovating your roof – Retro Roof will not compromise with an inferior work or products


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